How the version numbers are incremented in an NDS package.

Semantic Versioning

All NDS packages follow Semantic Versioning (SemVer), which allows for three types of changes:

  • PATCH changes for backwards compatible bug fixes,
  • MINOR changes for new functionality added in a backwards compatible manner, and
  • MAJOR changes for incompatible API changes

These changes are represented in the version number like MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. For version 3.2.4, that would mean there has been 4 fixes and 2 new features since the last breaking change.

Major Changes

Major version updates are for breaking changes, and may require updates to applications already consuming the package. For example:

  • Removing a prop
  • Renaming a prop
  • Changing the way an existing prop works
  • Changing the name of a component
  • Removing a component
  • Visual updates that could affect the layout of a page, like box-sizing, width, height
  • Changes to fonts that could cause wrapping changes, e.g font-size, font-weight, or letter-spacing

Minor Changes

Minor changes are additive changes with backwards compatiblity. For example:

  • Adding a new component or feature
  • Adding new, optional props to an existing component
  • Deprecating something and adding a replacement
  • Visual updates to aesthetic features like colour and shadows
  • Visual updates to layered components like tooltips that won't affect the layout of a page

Patch Changes

Patch changes are for fixing defects and optimizing existing code. For example:

  • Fixing a defect
  • Adding or updating tests
  • Updating or refactoring existing code in a way that doesn't alter the API

Thank you to Morningstar for the inspiration for this page.

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