NDS components include some default strings for commonly used labels and aria-labels.

To pass a locale to NDSProvider, locate the NDSProvider within your app and pass in the locale prop.

<NDSProvider locale={yourLocale} />

The default language used by these strings is English (US) unless a different locale is passed to the NDSProvider. All strings within NDS can be overridden using the component's props.

To see an example of a localized component, go to the Pagination story and in the "Knobs" section you should be able to select an NDS Provider Locale from a dropdown and observe the labels translate according to the selected locale.

Available NDS Locales

Below is a list of all locales currently accepted by NDSProvider. Use the "Locale Prop Value" as the string value to pass to NDSProvider's locale prop.

LanguageLocale Prop Value
German (Germany)de_DE
English (US)en_US
Spanish (Mexico)es_MX
France (French)fr_FR
Dutch (Netherlands)nl_NL
Polish (Poland)pl_PL
Portuguese (Brazil)pt_BR
Romanian (Romania)ro_RO
Simplified Chinese (China)zh_CN

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